All alterations done at Nina’s Couture closely follow the two traditional rules of garment alteration. First rule: the garment is to be fitted to the individual flawlessly as designed specifically for them. Second rule: to leave a finish identical to the originally purchased garment.

The master seamstresses at Nina’s Couture pride themselves on their implementation of these sacred rules on each item of clothing presented to them for alteration — whether an item is in need of basic or drastic alteration, whether men’s clothing or women’s.

Not enough people value the importance of having their clothes fitted specifically to them. Many pay plenty of money for clothes that do not flatter them at all. Yet in most cases, it takes very little for a professional to make even a cheap item of clothing look fabulous!

This is just what Nina’s Couture boutique offers: professional alterations to your clothes, which in turn create dramatic alterations to your life! Everyone will notice the difference so why not bring in your entire wardrobe and save yourself from having to buy new clothes through the magic of Nina’s alterations.